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At The English Center, we provide an English-speaking environment not just for students but also for the community. We host monthly Networking Nights, where adults in the community can meet others and practice English in a casual and friendly environment. Additionally, we have a monthly book club that anyone can join for book discussions in English. Furthermore, we are proud to offer an extensive English library for both adults and children that is open to the public. 

We also work with local refugees and have a scholarship fund for people to donate towards English classes for those students in need. 


Community Involvement!


Upcoming Events

We host popular Networking Nights where anyone from the community can come to The English Center to meet new people and practice their English. This monthly networking event is a great success and we encourage new people to come.

We have a monthly Book Club meeting at The English Center and invite anyone from the community to practice their English skills through reading and discussion.


Networking Night

Date to be determined


Book Club

Date to be determined


English Language Library

Do you like to read in English?  Become a member of our English library.  Memberships are available to both students and the public!  Here is just a glimpse of our current selection.

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