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English for children

We offer multiple options for kids including English playgroup, children's group classes and Cambridge Kids courses where children learn English in a fun environment with a qualified English instructor.

Our mission is to inspire children's love for the English language through cultural activities, such as books, games, songs, and crafts.

For older children, we aspire to help them earn high marks in English in school or prepare them for Cambridge exams. Their improved English skills provide them with more self-confidence as young learners, higher success rates with academics, and advanced future professional opportunities. 

Our group classes for children are always kept small in order to ensure maximum learning possibilities. The average class size is five students, although we do allow up to seven students on occasion. Groups are organized by age and English level.  Classes are held weekly and students are welcome to join at any time. Courses are booked either quarterly or for the school year. 

Before booking a class, please contact us so that we can suggest the right class for your child. You and your child are also welcome to attend a free trial class before booking.

In situations where we can't hold in-person classes because of COVID-19, we have classes online via Zoom.

Read more about our experienced teachers here.

Children are welcome to come for a free trial class ... and parents can stay and watch!

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 After a quarter has started, please contact us to participate for a pro-rated fee.

One lesson= 55 minutes











13.00 - 13.55

Book 3 (Kl. 4-6)


Book 2 (Kl. 2-4)


Book 4 (Kl. 5-6)

2023/2024 School Year

August – September 2023

No kids classes

October – December 2023

20.Oct.- 15. Dec., 6 Lessons

January – April 2024

12. Jan.- 22. Mar., 9 Lessons

April – June 2024

26. Apr.- 28. Juni, 9 Lessons

Public Holidays - No class

Good Friday- Friday, March 29th

Auffahrt-  Friday, May 9th

2023/2024 School year
Children are welcome to come for a free trial class!

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Price List

 2023/2024 school year

Children are welcome to come for a free trial class!

 After a quarter begins, please contact us to join for a pro-rated fee.

One lesson= 55 minutes

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Book 3 (4.-6. Klass)

Friday: 13.00-13.55

Nächste Quartal:   CHF 243

26.  Apr.- 28. Juni

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Book 2 (2.-4. Klass)

Friday: 14.00-14.55

Nächste Quartal:   CHF 243

26.  Apr.- 28. Juni

Childrens Icon_Kinderkurs_Full Colour_ce

Book 4 (5.-6. Klass)

Friday: 15.00-15.55

Nächste Quartal:   CHF 243

26.  Apr.- 28. Juni

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Cambridge Kids


Nächste Quartal:   


"Als erstes möchte ich mich bei dir Bedanken, dass du immer wieder Video von den Kindern machst, die Kinder so liebevoll behandelst und ihnen viel englisch beibringst."  - B.B., Eltern von Kind


"My son said he liked the video class today a lot. After the class, he smiled for the first time in several days. No kindergarten friends and programs to be very hard for him. Thank you!"- A.S.- die Eltern eines Schülers während des Online-Unterrichts aufgrund von Corona

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English Playgroup

Our playgroup is a fun and fabulous way to introduce English to your child!

The playgroup is designed for small children who develop their English language skills through a "learning by doing" approach, where they learn the English language effortlessly, playfully and casually.

Our highly-qualified English-speaking playgroup leader provides a comfortable and happy environment. She is down on the floor playing with the kids and constantly interacting with them in English. The average playgroup size is five children, although we do allow a maximum of seven children on occasion. These small groups ensure every child has numerous opportunities to hear and use English. Our playgroups are unique because English is spoken 99% of the time!

Activities include:

  • Singing and dancing

  • Themed crafts 

  • Art projects: painting, drawing, cutting, gluing; working and experimenting with different materials.

  • Storytime

  • Modeling with playdough and other materials

  • Morning tea/snack time

  • Free play

Read more about our experienced teachers here.

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English Classes for Children

Our fun and exciting English classes for children from Kindergarten to class 9 are designed to develop their English language skills through a ‘learning by doing’ approach as they effortlessly learn the English language.

Our exceptionally experienced teachers and very small class sizes where English is spoken 99% of the time, allow for an engaging and relaxed atmosphere for your child to learn English.

Our English classes will also help your child improve their confidence and future academic performance as they grow into global citizens by learning to understand and respect other cultures.

In these exclusive children's classes, students will enhance their learning to further develop their English speaking and listening skills. Children learn through more complex play and scenario role playing and begin to develop their writing skills.

As early as grade 1, we implement engaging textbooks and activities to build on previously acquired skills, improve reading and writing skills, expand vocabulary and grammar knowledge, and improve general English communication. 

As always, we teach in a fun way and convey the learning content through age-appropriate games, stories, music, and crafts.

Read more about our experienced teachers here.

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Cambridge Courses for Kids

As an official partner of Swiss Exams, The English Center can prepare your child for the exam of your choice. Official Cambridge practice materials and sample exams are the basis for the classes. We offer preparation courses for the Cambridge Young Learners Exams (Starters, Movers, Flyers), as well as the Key (KET), Preliminary (PET), and First (FCE)  Cambridge Exams. 

In these courses, children will strengthen their English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, build on their independent study skills and prepare for the Cambridge English exams.

Many of these courses require students to have a solid base in English as well as time outside of English class to study and complete homework tasks. Before registering, each student will be required to meet with the school director to assess their level and motivation.

More information about the Cambridge Exams:

Read more about our experienced teachers here.

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Are you not sure what course is best for your child?

Contact us for a free evaluation and to discuss your options.

We post recent photos and videos on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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